Popular JavaScript Diagram Types You Can Build with DHTMLX

Data visualization has become an integral functionality of any modern business application since it helps teams to analyze big data sets and facilitate decision-making. That is why it is a must for any web developer to have tools allowing them to visually present large data sets in the form of interactive diagrams.

The DHTMLX team could not ignore this challenging aspect of the development process. In 2017, we rolled out DHTMLX Diagram — a JavaScript diagram library designed to aid programmers in creating various types of diagrams with minimum time and effort. Since then, this tool has gone through significant improvements, received plenty of useful features, and become a part of many web projects.

In this article, we will consider examples of popular diagrams that can be generated with the DHTMLX Diagram library.

Benefits of Using DHTMLX Diagram in Data Visualization

Before we proceed with the actual use cases of the DHTMLX Diagram, we would like to say a few words about the main features that help to make the work with this JS component really convenient and productive:

  • Diagram editors for creating and editing diagrams on the fly without writing any code
  • Сustom shapes for generating your own unique diagrams
  • Auto-layout algorithm for automatically arranging any number of randomly linked shapes into a nice-looking diagram with a single click
  • High performance in all modern web browsers
  • Export of diagrams in popular formats (PDF, PNG, JSON)

Now, it is time to get down to the most interesting part of our story.

Examples of Popular Diagram Types Created with DHTMLX

Tree diagrams

Tree diagrams come in handy when it is necessary to depict any kind of data in a hierarchical order. With DHTMLX Diagram, you can build different types of JS tree diagrams such as decision trees or org charts.

DHTMLX decision tree

The example above shows a decision tree diagram that helps to weigh up the consequences of investing in two companies (A and B) and choose a more lucrative option. It is built with three built-in DHTMLX shapes (rectangle, circle, endpoint) and connectors. In terms of structure, decision trees are similar to flowcharts. In general, this type of diagram is easy to interpret and it suits well for decision analysis, forecasting, brainstorming, and strategic planning. Therefore, this tool gained popularity in business analysis, computer science, mathematics, statistics, machine learning, and many other fields.

DHTMLX org chart

Now let us have a look at a DHTMLX-based organizational chart that demonstrates the internal structure of a healthcare facility, where branches specify reporting relationships between medical workers. This diagram is made of custom shapes featuring images of doctors, their names and positions, and contact details. Cards are also equipped with clarifying icons and context menus. Org charts are used by big companies with a large staff population for improving collaboration and communication, analyzing workforce needs, and helping newcomers to adapt faster.


DHTMLX flowchart

DHTMLX Diagram also allows producing flowcharts that vividly explain various processes, structures, and algorithms. Therefore, the usage of flowcharts is a common practice for business owners, programmers, project managers, and engineers. The presented example shows what is going on the server-side when a user logs into his account on a website. Our library provides a range of shapes required for creating flowcharts such as Preparation, Database, Subroutine, etc.

Network diagrams

DHTMLX network diagram

When it is necessary to come up with a network diagram to graphically represent any kind of network architecture, DHTMLX Diagram will get you covered. As you can see from the given example, our component can be used for visualizing schemes of complex technologies such as the remote presence system designed for efficient long-distance consultations. Although our library has no ready-made shapes for identifying elements of the system (computers, servers, databases, etc.), it is really simple to create custom shapes with all required parameters and add them to your DHTMLX-based network diagram. Such diagrams are frequently employed in network architecture design and project management.

UML class diagrams

DHTMLX UML class diagram

If you are a software engineer, you will certainly appreciate the benefits of using UML class diagrams designed with DHTMLX in your project. This tool is intended for mapping out the app’s structure before the development process gets underway. Our example of the UML class diagram illustrates the model of a basic system built with custom shapes specifying its key elements: classes with attributes and relationships between them (shown with connectors).

Mind maps

DHTMLX mind map

If you are working on complex concepts with a lot of associated ideas, you don’t want to miss any important detail, and mind maps can assist you in achieving this goal. That must be why this diagram is widely utilized in learning methodologies, brainstorming sessions, and decision making. DHTMLX offers specific shapes and connectors for delivering mind maps out-of-the-box. In our example, you can see the classification of human emotions that helps to present the emotional states of humans in technological environments.

Closing Thoughts

The DHTMLX Diagram library gives you the freedom to quickly create popular diagrams with predefined shapes or visualize data in any diagram type you wish using easily added custom shapes. Numerous step-by-step guides make your experience with DHTMLX more fruitful and time-saving. If you are willing to estimate the capabilities of our JS component in your own scenarios, here is a free 30-day trial version.

Here we post news about our JavaScript UI libraries. In addition to this, we also share useful tips, news and articles about JavaScript.

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JavaScript UI Libraries — DHTMLX

JavaScript UI Libraries — DHTMLX

Here we post news about our JavaScript UI libraries. In addition to this, we also share useful tips, news and articles about JavaScript.

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