Looking into Flutter: Secrets of its Success & Review of Popular UI Libraries and Components

What is Flutter and Why is it so Popular?

Flutter is a relatively new declarative UI framework designed and maintained by Google to facilitate the implementation of cross-platform software solutions. Launched just in 2018, it has already gained recognition and popularity among developers. Responders of the popular Developer Survey 2020 held by Stack Overflow recognized Flutter as one of the most loved tools and technologies of the last year. A fresh developer survey from Statista names Flutter the most popular cross-platform framework utilized by software developers worldwide. Moreover, it has already reached the mark of 125K stars on GitHub.

Source: Statista

Open-Source UI Libraries and Components for Flutter




Staggered GridView



Charts library

FL Chart

Flutter FormBuilder


Flutter Map

What about Commercial UI Solutions for Flutter

Open-source components for Flutter are great and they help to achieve different development goals absolutely for free. But what if you need more advanced components with a regularly updated feature set and technical support? In such cases, it is better to opt for commercial UI libraries.



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