JavaScript Tools — News & Updates (July-August 2019)

New Tools and Updates


React 16.9

  • Introducing async act() for testing to help you write tests that better match the browser behavior. In React 16.9, act() supports both synchronous and asynchronous functions, so now you can await its call and fix all remaining act() warnings.
  • Adding performance measurements with <React.Profiler> to assist you in finding performance bottlenecks in your app and benefiting from optimizations. A <Profiler> can be added anywhere in React tree to measure how often an app renders and what the cost of rendering is.
  • Renaming unsafe lifecycle methods and adding a “codemode” script to change them automatically.
  • Deprecating javascript: URLs to reduce a dangerous attack surface in case of accidentally including unsanitized output and creating a security hole.
  • Deprecating “factory” component since this pattern is confusing.

dhtmlxGantt 6.2

dhtmlxSuite 6.1

Useful Tips and Articles

Ways to Improve JavaScript Knowledges

How to Include CSS in JavaScript Apps

dhtmlxSuite 6 Introduction (YouTube)



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JavaScript UI Libraries — DHTMLX

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