Improving Business Efficiency with a JavaScript Planning Calendar

What is a Planning Calendar

Time is one of the most valuable resources in any undertaking and a planning calendar helps to use it more productively. This time management and scheduling tool enables users to map out different kinds of activities along the timeline. In business, such calendars primarily serve to organize and follow work schedules (including appointments, daily briefings, negotiations, etc.) as well as be aware of important upcoming events such as deadlines or release dates. Such a tool also facilitates transparency, as it allows all team members to be kept up to date on the agenda.

Hotel booking system demo by DHTMLX

Key features of DHTMLX planning calendar

DHTMLX Scheduler is a fully customizable JavaScript library designed for creating multifunctional and good-looking event calendars with intuitive drag-and-drop UI. It comes with a range of useful features that are commonly expected from a modern planning calendar. Here are the most notable of them.

Calendar views

When working with a planning calendar, it is really important for users to have the opportunity to see all scheduled activities in different ways. With DHTMLX Scheduler, you are not constrained to use just basic views (Day, Week, Month, Year), as this JavaScript component also provides extra views for navigating through the calendar and managing events with ease.

Timeline view with custom content
Units view
Map view
Custom workweek view

Event handling options

In business, planning processes are rarely limited to one-day tasks or appointments. DHTMLX Scheduler includes a couple of features to give some flexibility in this direction. You can schedule tasks lasting for several days in a row using multi-day events. If users have to deal with activities that are repeated continuously over hours or days, it is possible to make them recurring by setting a template for the corresponding event type.

Recurring event settings
Multisection events


Calendar UI adapted to the Chinese language


Contrast black theme

Touch support

Mobile calendar

Exporting/Importing calendar data

Exporting options

Final Words

Summarizing the above, we can conclude that the use of JavaScript planning calendars in web apps can significantly boost the working efficiency of a company’s staff. Such tools allow properly organizing all work activities with required resources and keeping track of their timetable. To my mind, DHTMLX Scheduler is a good instrument for implementing feature-packed planning calendars with minimum time and effort. Interested in trying this tool in your own project? Download a free 30-day trial version and estimate its benefits. If you have any other interesting scheduling tools in mind, feel free to share your suggestions in the comment section.



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