How DHTMLX Gantt Improves Project Management Tools [3 Real-Life Cases]

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DHTMLX company has been providing quality JavaScript libraries, UI widgets, and other useful tools to the web development community for more than a decade. During these years our product line has been complemented with new solutions and relevant updates, but special attention should be given to our core product — DHTMLX Gantt.

Our JS Gantt chart has gained popularity among businesses of different scale. Our high-performance and fully customizable Gantt component enables developers to easily integrate comprehensive Gantt charts in project management apps and make use of numerous features to cover the needs of any project.

But as we all know, every cook praises his own broth. That is why to provide you with a convincing proof on the efficiency of DHTMLX Gantt, we’ve prepared the overview of 3 real-life cases from our customers on how our Gantt component has been successfully implemented in their projects.

Let’s get started!

DHTMLX Gantt in GanttPRO

GanttPRO is a popular online service enabling businesses to plan and control projects of different complexity level with the use of Gantt charts. To date, GanttPRO software has been actively used by more than half a million businesses from various industries and this number is constantly growing.

Thanks to the ease of use and numerous useful features implemented in this project management solution such as task management, team collaboration, budget tracking, custom templates, resource and workload management, time tracking, etc., GanttPRO also won recognition of world-renowned companies such as NASA, Sony, and Amazon.

Besides, the tool received numerous awards from independent software review platforms: Capterra, G2, Software Advice, Crozdesk, Software World, etc.

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Taking into consideration the above, we are particularly pleased to mention that the GanttPRO team has been using our Gantt component as the core element of its software solution for more than 5 years. According to GanttPRO officials, they decided to go with DHTMLX Gantt because it has the most attractive cost/value ratio on the market.

GanttPRO appreciates the wide range of features available in our Gantt, especially auto-scheduling, resource management, dynamic loading, critical path, task grouping, and different time scales. Moreover, the development team of GanttPRO considers the possibility of using our product on the server-side via a Node.js server module that has been added in version 7.0 of DHTMLX Gantt. Thus, our Gantt component makes a significant contribution to the success of the GanttPRO project management tool.

“DHTMLX Gantt helps GanttPRO create a multi-functional project management tool and constantly improve it” — Dmitry Dudin, head of GanttPRO.

DHTMLX Gantt in Hive

Hive is a cloud-based project management and team collaboration platform with an intuitive UI and a variety of tools (Kanban boards, Gantt charts, Calendar, etc.) available on one dashboard. Moreover, there are more than 1,000 additional integrations with other handy tools.

Hive allows project managers to automate workflows, effectively manage day-to-day responsibilities, and keep the whole team up to date with the progress of the project. No wonder that such famous brands as Google, Uber, and Starbucks make use of this multi-functional tool.

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Hive is notable for the abundance of features and tools. It can be a challenging task to develop custom solutions for their integration. That is why sometimes it is more reasonable to opt for ready-made solutions available on the market rather than spend time and money on in-house development.

In the case with a Gantt chart, Hive wanted to find a product with rich API and full configurability, allowing Hive developers to implement the required Gantt functionality without significant difficulties or delays. Our Gantt chart fully met the requirements and laid the foundation for fruitful cooperation between DHTMLX and Hive. As a result, Hive received the feature-rich Gantt chart component complemented with detailed documentation and professional tech support, while our company extended the customer list with one more big name.

“We would absolutely recommend using DHTMLX and are even considering using some other products that they offer based on our experience so far” — Hive officials.

DHTMLX Gantt in Splitvice

Splitvice is an advanced online application with a built-in decision-making support function that helps businesses to efficiently manage multiple concurrent projects (project portfolio). Using this function project managers can simulate the impact of any possible strategic decision taken within a given project and see how it may affect other projects. It is done with the help of “what if” scenarios that can be compared with each other for better problem-solving.

One more remarkable peculiarity of Splitvice is that it facilitates collaboration and transparent exchange of information via the integration of task management, project management, and portfolio management. Thus, the project team gets fast access to the updated project status and task progress at any time.

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Splitvice pays special attention to visual support of projects that contributes to more effective decision making and detection of bottlenecks. That’s where DHTMLX Gantt comes into play. The intuitive drag-and-drop UI of DHTMLX Gantt gives a clear picture of all existing projects, allows comparing different scenarios, and introducing necessary changes on the fly.

In addition, our customer made use of the possibility to display 2 Gantt charts on one page and create custom elements, including milestones. The Splitvice development team also lays special emphasis on the following benefits of our Gantt component: lack of any dependencies on 3rd party tools and hidden fees, flexibility, and advanced customization capabilities.

Splitvice application with implemented DHTMLX Gantt chart provides companies with the necessary arsenal of features and tools to achieve maximum results in individual or multiple projects.

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“For Splitvice, DHTMLX Gantt fits with what we need. It’s a stand-alone component, without an extra run-time fee. It’s flexible and highly customizable. We get good support when we need it, but most of our questions are found right in the knowledge database” — Splitvice founder Jurgen Devlieghere.

All three companies highlighted in this article have different visions and criteria when it comes to the selection of development tools for their projects, but all of them agree that DHTMLX Gantt with its comprehensive feature set, flexible API, all-covering documentation, and top-quality support can be a great addition to any project management application.

But if, after reading this article you are still not convinced that DHTMLX Gantt is exactly what you need for your project management app, we encourage you to download a free 30-day trial version of our Gantt component and test in practice its numerous advantages, while receiving official support from our technical specialists on any related questions.

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