Gantt and Scheduler for Small, Medium-sized and Large Business

Two top-notch JavaScript components cause significant interest among software companies as well as firms working in other fields and developing solutions for inner usage:

  • dhtmlxGantt, a powerful interactive Gantt chart for project management
  • dhtmlxScheduler, a full-featured and customizable event calendar for scheduling events and activities

Both these components provide rich functionality allowing users to track their activities and monitor the project lifecycle. In this article, we’ll consider why these components can be helpful for dev teams of any size.

Advantages for Large Companies

For managing activities in large companies with lots of departments, employees, and projects, there’s an entirely natural requirement to provide the possibility of using Gantt charts, Kanban boards, event calendars, and other project management tools, which would be greatly customized to the needs of a huge corporation. Such companies have sufficient resources to develop the necessary tools on their own. However, time and efforts are of high value for them. Building internal apps and solutions with the help of extensive JavaScript libraries like dhtmlxGantt or dhtmlxScheduler greatly increases the speed of development and provides additional support from our tech specialists team.

dhtmlxGantt built-in Material skin

Our JavaScript libraries provide such companies with the benefits of complete customization of the apps’ appearance supplying them with thorough guides on styling (Scheduler styling, Gantt styling).

dhtmlxScheduler built-in high-contrast theme

Together with several built-in themes, including high-contrast themes with accessibility support, there’re plenty of options for creating your own theme, which will appeal to your company’s look and feel.

Advantages for Small and Mid-sized Companies

For small and mid-sized companies creating a Gantt chart or Scheduler component from scratch is a task that requires not only time but also expertise. A more efficient way of implementing the required functionality is to integrate a very feature-rich JavaScript library into your project. Flexible API, detailed documentation, and a short learning curve, as well as ease of use, make this solution a good choice for small and mid-sized companies.

dhtmlxGantt and dhtmlxScheduler provide developers with a wide range of extensions for fine-tuning apps to meet all their requirements. For example, Scheduler is supplied with a mini-calendar, which allows navigating between dates without scrolling the timeline.

dhtmlxScheduler mini-calendar extension

dhtmlxGantt has a very rich resource management functionality for allocating multiple resources, setting their quantity and managing the resource capacity with the help of resource load diagram and resource histogram. It makes dhtmlxGantt a great tool for construction, engineering and logistics projects.

dhtmlxGantt work and material resources

dhtmlxScheduler and dhtmlxGantt have also proved their usefulness during the creation of online project management and collaboration systems. Mid-sized and large companies often use these full-featured toolkits for building SaaS apps. These components integrated into an app can be accessed and used by multiple end-users like several administrators of a beauty salon, hotel or HR managers.

To make a long story short, both Gantt & Scheduler can be used for creating all-purpose project management apps for teams of any size. These JavaScript libraries are fully customized, include numerous extensions and useful features for building interactive apps. They are easy to use and provide great benefits for large companies as well as smaller ones.

By the way, we have a special Bundle offer — Scheduling Pack, where you can find dhtmlxGantt and dhtmlxScheduler bundled together.

On November 26–30, 2018 you can also make use of the Cyber Monday sale and get the full toolkit of JS components at 25% discount.




Here we post news about our JavaScript UI libraries. In addition to this, we also share useful tips, news and articles about JavaScript.

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JavaScript UI Libraries — DHTMLX

JavaScript UI Libraries — DHTMLX

Here we post news about our JavaScript UI libraries. In addition to this, we also share useful tips, news and articles about JavaScript.

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