DHTMLX Kanban Board: New Tool for Effective Workflow Visualization

Project management is one of the key directions of our work. DHTMLX Gantt and DHTMLX Scheduler have become reliable instruments in the development of feature-packed web apps facilitating the work of project managers. But after thoroughly analyzing the needs of our customers, we’ve decided to expand our product portfolio with a new tool specifically intended for visualizing and optimizing the workflow. And now we are excited to announce the release of the DHTMLX Kanban Board.

So let us provide you with a review of the main advantages of DHTMLX Kanban for both web developers and project managers.

Intuitive User Interface

Usability is one of the key characteristics that have a serious impact on user experience. Therefore, we did our best to make the Kanban interface maximally user-friendly. In terms of structure, it consists of three main elements: toolbar, board with cards, and editor panel.

Using the toolbar, end-users can quickly find specific project tasks via a search field and add extra rows and columns with corresponding buttons. The board allows adding any number of cards with tasks, easily changing the status of cards using drag-and-drop, and selecting several cards at the same time. When it is needed to rename or modify card data, users just have to click on a task and introduce necessary changes on the fly.

Numerous Task Management Features

DHTMLX Kanban offers plenty of useful features that can be used by project managers to be fully informed about the project state and the team workload. For instance, all project tasks can be ranked according to their priority. The ability to keep track of deadlines and task progress help to stay within established timeframes for a project. When some task has to be completed in a shorter time, our Kanban allows assigning more employees for this task. If a specific task requires clarifying materials, there is an opportunity to add attachments. It is also not a problem to manage several projects within a single Kanban board, since our library supports swimlanes.

Enhanced Customization Capabilities

Full customizability is another strength of DHTMLX Kanban. An extensive API of this JavaScript component enables web developers to adjust any Kanban element to their requirements. Create your own cards with the help of a custom template, rearrange the toolbar structure and enrich it with new controls, and change the appearance of the Kanban board with custom styles.

Combining with DHTMLX Gantt and Scheduler

Our customers will be glad to know that the new JS Kanban board can be easily integrated into a project management app built with DHTMLX. The thing is that this library is synchronizable with DHTMLX Gantt and Scheduler. Thus, it is possible to build an advanced solution that will cover all project management needs with minimum time and effort.

Compatibility with Backend Technologies and Touch Support

Once you decide to pick DHTMLX Kanban for your next project, programmers won’t have to worry about any compatibility issues on the server-side. Our Kanban component is compatible with backend technologies supporting RESTful API. Apart from that, DHTMLX Kanban is optimized for touch devices allowing users to create, edit, and move cards across the board with a tap.

Wrapping up

All in all, the DHTMLX Kanban board is a convenient JavaScript component with a well-documented API that can be a nice addition to any web development stack. Take a chance to try the DHTMLX Kanban board in your project by downloading a free 30-day trial version.

Source: release article published on November 25, 2021, on the DHTMLX blog



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