Ben Shneiderman, a distinguished American computer scientist, once rightly noted that the purpose of visualization is insight, not pictures. But in web development, it can be challenging to achieve this purpose without using a special tool like our JavaScript diagramming library. This versatile tool enables you to easily integrate any kind of JavaScript diagram in your web application and conveniently modify it on the fly via live editors.

Recently, DHTMLX Diagram has made a significant big step forward in usability and functional diversity. Our development team updated it to version 4.0. This major release includes some highly anticipated features such…

In recent years, cross-platform development has become one of the hottest trends in the world of programming. And it is not surprising, since this approach brings in a lot of significant advantages. Product owners can expect that the use of multi-platform technologies will reduce development costs and ensure faster time to market. Developers, in turn, can use the same business logic for web, mobile, and desktop versions applications and consequently have less trouble with code maintenance.

Developing a platform-independent application is a challenging task. So if you decide to start such a project, you will certainly require a special framework…

Data visualization has become an integral functionality of any modern business application since it helps teams to analyze big data sets and facilitate decision-making. That is why it is a must for any web developer to have tools allowing them to visually present large data sets in the form of interactive diagrams.

The DHTMLX team could not ignore this challenging aspect of the development process. In 2017, we rolled out DHTMLX Diagram — a JavaScript diagram library designed to aid programmers in creating various types of diagrams with minimum time and effort. …

Confucius once said that a man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door. It is hard to argue with these words of wisdom especially when it comes to achieving success in the highly competitive world of modern business. In everyday life, we can use cellphones or paper calendars for day planning, but business people require more complex tools for scheduling and organizing various activities. Thus, they often invest in the development of business web applications complemented with a corresponding tool — a JavaScript planning calendar.

In this article, you will get an insight into planning…

Just a few months ago, our product portfolio of UI components for project management apps was enriched with Gantt libraries for React, Vue, and Svelte. With these Gantts, programmers can expand their technology stack for working with popular JavaScript frameworks more productively, while end-users receive an effective tool for handling projects with large amounts of tasks. The first version included the most essential Gantt features but the second update — minor version 1.1 released on May 27, 2021 — brings out already more sophisticated abilities. …

Modern business applications are often built with the help of popular JavaScript frameworks. It has given us an idea — why not develop Gantt libraries in pure React, Svelte, and Vue.js that are currently much-loved by web developers. Such solutions can help to exclude any external dependencies or compatibility issues and speed up the development process. And now we are happy to announce the release of DHTMLX React Gantt, Vue.js Gantt, and Svelte Gantt.

Let us consider the main peculiarities of these promising libraries and find out how they can benefit web developers and end-users.

Equipped with key task management capabilities

The first iterations of our…

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The process of creating a proper web application cannot be set aside or ignored since this software solution enables every business to engage with their users over any mobile or desktop device and platform.

This article is specifically designed for those who want to save their efforts while developing a modern web app. It focuses on building an application with a JavaScript UI library of widgets. Besides, you can use ready-made CSS templates thus significantly cutting time spent on your project customization.

Let’s get started!


Web app navigation directly affects its usability. Your users will appreciate clear and well-defined navigation…

Top JavaScript Frameworks 2021

This year the whole world has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. This unprecedented crisis still affects absolutely all spheres of human activity. Negative consequences of the virus also impact the sphere of web development, but it is one of the global industries that has been moving forward in 2020.

Therefore, it is high time to take a look at the main trends of the passing year in web technologies and JavaScript in particular as well as try to make some predictions about further front-end development in 2021. …

Hello everybody! Welcome to the latest edition of our JavaScript news digest. We’ve been closely monitoring everything that has happened in the JavaScript world during the last month of autumn. Now it is time to share our findings with you.

This material can be interesting not only for web developers but also for internet users. In addition to new releases of popular frontend technologies and traditional tips and for web developers, we will highlight new JavaScript-related features introduced in commonly used browsers — Chrome and Firefox.

Let’s roll!

New Tools and Updates

Introducing Angular 11

When developing a web-based project management application, it is vital to apply the right JavaScript tool to implement features covering all business needs. Handling projects is not only about scheduling, managing, and completing tasks in time, but also about doing it with maximum efficiency and minimal financial expenses. It can be achieved by the proper use of resources available for a given project. According to a recent report from Wellingtone, many companies name poor resource management as one of the most serious issues affecting their business processes.

DHTMLX Gantt is a popular JavaScript library that can be integrated into any…

JavaScript UI Libraries — DHTMLX

Here we post news about our JavaScript UI libraries. In addition to this, we also share useful tips, news and articles about JavaScript.

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